President 2021-22 – Michael Mahood

I have read RI President-elect Shekhar Mehta’s theme for 2021-22, Serve To Change Lives, it urges Rotarians to serve people and help to change their lives. “Do more and grow more”. “Do more” as in bigger and impactful service projects, and “grow more” as in increasing our membership and expanding. Shekhar has also asked, for our special focus in service initiatives this year, to be on empowering girls. 

As President I would like to think we all agree with his theme and challenge to “Do more and grow more” and the focus on empowering girls, in our service initiatives.

With the current and potential future easing and lifting of COVID 19 restrictions we will have the opportunity to meet personally, rekindle the Rotary fellowship and take part in planning and delivering community initiatives and fundraising activities. 

My service team will present an expanding programme, based on the improving COVID 19 situation. On membership, we must aim to attract new members who will contribute and remain in Rotary. The international theme on membership is ‘each one bring one’, which emphasizes that it is a responsibility of us all. On Youth, we will look to continue our previous schemes, and in addition as a club will be supporting the Ireland Launch of the ‘Culinary Abilities’ competition at a local venue. International, will hopefully be able to run its fundraising events this year to allow it to support its charities whilst also looking to take part in some new initiatives. The club will continue to contribute our annual per head grant to Foundation. Community will also hopefully be able to return to our normal calendar of events, as well as continuing maintenance of the planters at High Trees, and the associated Rotary ‘Welcome to Donaghadee’ signage.

As President I will do my best to ensure our club continues to play its full roll in District, maintains our presence in Donaghadee and has a happy and growing membership.

Michael Mahood

President 2021-22