President 2022-23 – Karen McNeill

I hope in this new Rotary year we are able to get things back on track following the past two years where we have had a difficult time during the Covid Pandemic. It shows what a great club we have that during those times we stayed as strong as ever. I hope and trust that with everyone’s help during my Presidency I can keep it a strong, be it small, club.

The theme for this Rotary year is ‘Imagine and I would like us to try and follow this theme with some new imaginative ideas and events.

My plan for the new Rotary year is to make Rotary more fun as well as keeping the traditions and policies. I would like to reinstate the weekend away as fellowship is an important part of Rotary, organise an activity every 2 months via a new social committee, hold a council meeting every month, agree a new members mentor and a specific person for pastoral care, set up an environmental service project and with input from the whole club push forward with the conference funds project. I would also like my chosen charity to be the Air Ambulance if that is agreeable to all.

All of this as well as our committee chairs organising the projects and events associated with their area. I truly believe it is everyone’s responsibility to get involved in all areas of the club and I trust we can all help the chairs with the projects, events and fundraising for next year.

Karen McNeill

President 2022-23